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Ever wondered what making a living off freelance writing looks like? Sure you did. I did too. At some point, I thought I was crazy. Most of the successful freelance writers out there make it easy for anyone aspiring to start a freelance writing career to jump into it with zero fear. What most of them do not state is, actually, what it takes to land a client. This may sound easy but as an ESL freelance writer, you will spend hard times trying to market your business.

Some writers had the chance to make $5000 in their first-month writing. Some, ugh. They spend several years not being able to make $1000 a month out of their writing. Fear not, the two may be ESL writers. Everything stands on how you go about getting clients. 

Guess what? This blog post is going to help you get back on the right path to making more money as a writer.

Believe it or not, a writer who makes $5000 per month is not necessarily more talented than the one who barely makes a buck out of freelance writing. All it takes is marketing. Behind every successful freelance writer leans a great marketing strategy. Here are some tips to better market yourself as an ESL freelance writer.

Create a medium account

Medium is a platform where anyone can write what they think regardless of their background. The cool side of Medium is that nobody cares whether you are a native or a nonnative. All it takes is to write a good post and share it. 

Depending on their interest people will give notice to your post. There are also plenty of writer groups or associations you can join to boost your productivity. Generally, you’ll get to meet people of all backgrounds, editors, copywriters, beginners, experienced writers… 

Using medium as your first blogging platform can be very helpful. Post as much as you can. Write for associations, interact and connect. Chances are you even make money out of it.

Create an online portfolio 

The hard truth about getting clients is that nobody wants to hire a newbie. Put yourself in their shoes, would you waste your money on a writer that can hardly write good content? See, for you to get hired, you should be able to demonstrate your ability to write high-quality content.

 As the skepticisms about the capabilities of an ESL freelance writer to provide high-quality work grows, you need to outplay your pairs. You need a portfolio. In simple English, it means a resume. 

A portfolio is where you store your clips and show them to potential clients. Every time you are sending a pitch or an LOI (read Letter Of Introduction) you link your portfolio link to it. Every. Time. Here are some portfolio websites to get started with.

Learn about setting up static pages for your writer blog here.

Create a pro freelance writer website 

 Full disclosure: Chances you get high-paying clients if you don’t have a website/blog are nothing different than ZERO. 

A website is your number one marketing tool. Not only it makes you visible but it also shows potential clients your writing style. Having a website is a way of telling the billions of internet users that you’re around. You have no idea how many clients will contact you from your blog for high-paying long-term contracts. Having a website also keeps you away from sucking clients.

On your website make sure you include these pages.

  • About me 

Make sure you put an outstanding bio of yours in it. Market yourself as hell and avoid playing small. Use a professional picture of yourself as a headshot. Make sure you look nice in the picture. Avoid being too serious but look professional though. No need to tell you that you should avoid saying you’re an ESL freelance writer in your bio.

  • Hire me 

This one is your joker. There is the page where you list all of the services you offer as an ESL freelance writer. You can give a short description of every service and make sure you put the clients first. Make it crystal clear about how your services will have them boost their revenue. Generally, people put a contact form for anyone willing to connect. I’d recommend you use : 

  1. A contact form
  2. Your professional email
  3. Your social media links   
  • Portfolio 

You already know about this one. Put some of your best samples on this page so that clients can see your work.

  • Contact

This one is very sensitive too. Make visitors save their time. Avoid putting BS contact form there. Put two different emails on the page. One for clients and the other for readers willing to connect. And please be serious about it. 

Building a website is as simple as dragging and dropping stuff in places you want them to be. Take a look at our Build a website in 30min guide.

Build a strong social media presence

Honestly, I am not really fond of this one. Social media suck. Really. But the hard truth is that people want to talk to you, not to your blog. Social media is an effective way of getting in touch with both your readers and potential clients.

Make sure your bio clearly states that you’re a freelance writer. Link your website to your social media page. Interact with other bloggers or freelance writers. Comment on their post. To cut it short, get noticed.

To start don’t create an account in every social media platform that exists. You can start with the most useful ones. Name it.

As you dive deep into those you’ll realize that marketing your writing business using social media is an effective no BS way of landing high paying gigs.

ESL freelance writer – Make Improvement Your Priority

As an ESL writer, this is a must. Understand it, in your status you have to show clients that being an ESL freelance writer has nothing to do with the quality of your work. Thus, you should demonstrate strong writing skills. I’m not asking you to go to Harvard or to Boston. All you have to do is to start writing every single day. 

From my experience, writing daily has helped me so far improve my writing style, enhance my vocab and speed up my writing. At some point, I started to gain confidence when it comes to writing. 

There are a bunch of tools that will help you write better articles, just check them and use them appropriately.


Last but not least, go out. You need to connect. Some of my clients come from referrals or friends who are overloaded with work and decide to give me some.

 Only connection does that. I know, you’d say you’re introvert but it doesn’t matter. Wake your butts up, go to that event and throw your business cards to fellows. It’s enough. 

Another way to network is to comment a lot on other websites or social media pages. 


marketing for esl freelance writer

These are simple, not time consuming things to do in order to market yourself as an ESL freelance writer.

  • Create a medium account 
  • Create an online portfolio 
  • Build a professional freelance writer website 
  • Create social media pages 
  • Improve your writing skills and bottom line 
  • Network

Try these tips and let me know how effectively they worked so far. Please feel free to share with us your marketing strategy as a freelance writer.

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